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Facilitation Tutor: A Solution Your Company Needs!

Fast & Effective

Experience the convenience of our eLearning environment. Be at ease knowing that you can take the course at your leisure, and the course takes only 3 to 5 hours to complete. Featuring interactive exercises and a final test, we are dedicated to getting everyone involved in the learning process.


Prices range from $99.00 for a single enrollment to as low as $ 15.00 per person for a group of 1,000. The typical group rate is between $60.00 and $ 45.00 per person. As an added bonus, groups enrolled in the online course also receive a post-eLearning workshop package free of charge!

Enhance Your Skills Further

Upon completion of the practice workshop graduates can observe each other and use the Facilitation Skills Inventory (FSI) to assess competency. The FSI was created by Ingrid Bens and is published by the Pfeiffer Company, one of the leading names in competency assessments.

Some Of Our Happy Clients

Incredible Program: The Proof Is In Our Reviews!

Our online course offers 10 chapters of dynamic, interactive content that will greatly improve your facilitation skills.


The course was fun to take - easy to navigate, comprehensible, clearly structured, divided into workable units. I enjoyed the brief films as practical illustrations of the unit content. Summaries at the end of each lessons helped me remember the most important ideas. I will recommend the course to my colleagues.

– Lisa McDonald

What People Say About Our Course

I thought the course was very well done and organized in logical pieces. The concepts are clear and well presented. The video examples were above average and pretty realistic. I am incorporating many of the ideas in the work that I do.
Justin Ryan
I recommend the use of this e-Learning program as refresher training on the fundamentals of facilitation and as an introduction (pre-requisite) to more formal training for employees new to Facilitation. Scoring high points in my recommendation for the value of this training is the fact that this web based training includes everything we need to practice what we learn in the form of a workshop.
Bruce Power
Love this programme as a practical support to our newly minted train the advanced facilitator programme. Kudos that there is diversity represented. Thank you for the opportunity to use the course for 90 days following the IAF conf in Helsinki. I plan to contact you to see how we can implement this in our organisation.
Jayna Johnson

Facilitation Tutor: Your training solution in three easy steps!

Step 1:

Enroll your group in the only online facilitation skills program available on the internet.

About Our Online Course

Step 2:

Conduct the free one-day practice workshop to build hands-on skills and confidence.
(A $500 value, available for FREE!)

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Step 3:

Create coaching partners to observe each other and share feedback using a validated instrument that provides performance ratings.

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