Group Facilitator

Group Facilitator


A Group Facilitator is someone who helps groups to identify and achieve their goals. The purpose of group facilitation is to help group members access their inner resources in order to make effective decisions and take responsibility for their actions.


Groups typically bring in a facilitator when they face a complex issue that needs the input of a number of people, and when it’s important that the discussion be structured and orderly. During a group facilitation event, decision-making power resides with the members. This frees the facilitator to focus on providing the structure needed to ensure a thorough and […]

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The Foundation of Faciliation

Facilitation is one of those rather vague terms, that’s commonly misunderstood.

The term Facilitation is built on the word facile; which means “easy to do”. The role of facilitator originated within the field of Adult Education where it was coined to describe the role that teachers play when they help learners deepen their knowledge, without delivering content. This role was built on the core assumption underpinning Adult Education or Andragogy, which is that adults have experience and know what they need, therefore the role of teacher is chiefly to guide them in their educational journey. (Knowles 1984)

In addition to this […]

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Why Facilitation Matters

In the quest for endless cost reductions and every-greater efficiency it’s easy to overlook something that seems as unimportant as facilitation.

It is after all just another soft skill isn’t it? Something those people in HR know about, but that the folks who worry about the bottom-line really don’t need to understand. Or do they?

Consider for a minute how many hours a day the average senior manager spends sitting in meetings. A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that the average was eight hours! That means that most of our corporate and government leaders are basically doing all their work […]

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